Saudis to crucify another AlNimr, Anger mounts against corrupt FIFA

Saudis to crucify another AlNimr, Anger mounts against corrupt FIFA

Another verdict of execution and crucifixion has been confirmed by one of the Saudi kangaroo courts. Sheikh Nimr Al Nimr who was sentenced to death last year has had his conviction upheld causing a new furore in the world. There has been widespread anger around the globe when the young nephew of the cleric had been condemned to execution and crucifixion. Saudi Arabia is now seen both as pariah and rogue state for its cruel and violent behaviour domestically, regionally and internationally. While the world awaits the decision of the ailing king, news came of a serious war crime by Saudi air force. They have just bombed a hospital in the Yemeni city of Sa’ada, run by Doctors Without Borders. Earlier the Saudi Ambassador in London had relayed implicit criticism of UK Government for its decision to cancel a contract worth under six million Pounds for penal reform programme to change the notorious Saudi torture dungeons. It is hoped that these developments will gradually lead to the isolation of the Saudi regime which is the main source both for grooming and funding terrorism. Meanwhile the Saudi-supported terrorist network of ISIS has claimed responsibility for bombing Isma’ili mosque at Nejran in South West Arabia. Several people were killed when the Saudi terrorist detonated his explosive belt.

The football world has been shocked to learn that one of the candidates for the presidency of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) is linked to a regime that had been accused of “systematic torture”. Salman Alkhalifa, a senior member of the Alkhalifa ruling tribe in Bahrain has announced his candidacy for the post that had been riddle with corruption scandals. There has been a flurry of calls and statements from many organisations, media bodies and professional footballers calling for rejecting the candidacy. Bahraini activists have vowed to continue their campaign to expose the truth of Alkhalifa torturers, and hope that FIFA will eventually get rid of this individual who is linked to the arrest and subsequent torture. The Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy and the Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain said in a joint statement that Sheikh Salman “played a key role in Bahrain’s retaliation against athlete-protesters. Throughout the government crackdown, he allegedly examined photographs of the protesters, identifying Bahraini athletes for the security forces.” According to Mike Gibson of the Guardian “A document published in April 2011 and still available in Arabic on the Bahrain News Agency website outlines the creation of a special committee to identify athletes who took part in the demonstrations that it said would be headed by the Asian Football Confederation president. Sheikh Salman on Tuesday dismissed allegations against him of human rights abuses.”

The International Trade Union Confederation has expressed severe concerns over the move to appoint Salman Al-Khalifa as the next president of FIFA. It said: “Salman, who headed the Bahrain Football Association during the crackdown on pro-democracy activists in 2011, is closely linked to the systemic arrest and torture of footballers in Bahrain.” Sharon Burrow, General Secretary of the ITUC, said that it is “inconceivable” and “not credible” that Salman could fill the void in FIFA amidst the corruption scandals engulfing the organisation. She further questioned the politics at FIFA and raised concerns over the imprisoned athletes and unionists in Bahrain. Human Rights Watch said: “FIFA members should look long and hard at the Al Khalifas’ use of torture and allegations that Sheikh Salman failed to protect footballers from abuses, and ask themselves if this is a family they want to represent them at the highest level.”

The confirmation of one year prison jail sentence of Zainab AlKhawaja for tearing the picture of Bahrain’s most notorious dictator has been received with outrage and disgust. She is also ordered to pay a fine of $8000. If she does not pay the fine, her prison sentence will be extended to 18 months. In a statement shortly after her sentence on 21st October, Amnesty International said: “If she is imprisoned, she will be a prisoner of conscience.” Following a defiant programme of religious processions over the ten-day period of Ashura, Bahrain’s dictator has started exacting revenge on native Bahrainis. Scores of people have either been summoned for interrogation or detained. Yesterday morning at least three people were arrested from AlDaih Town. A public orator, Mulla abbas Mulla Atiya, was arrested and remanded in custody for one week for addressing the people and condemning Alkhalifa policy of genocide. The trial of Khalil AlHalwachi has been adjourned until 8th December. He is accused of “criticising the judiciary”. In the past week six trials were adjourned and five native Bahrainis were each given ten years imprisonment.

As the conditions at Jaw Prison continued to deteriorate at least 8 cases of TB have been reported. It is feared that these illnesses could be contagious, thus putting the health of hundreds others in jeopardy.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
28th October 2015

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