Bahrain: Extra-judicial killing, serious religious persecution of natives

Bahrain: Extra-judicial killing, serious religious persecution of natives

A young Bahraini youth has been martyred by live police bullets. Fadhel Abbas  Muslim, 19, had been shot on 8th January at Al Markh Town with two other youths. One of them, Sadiq Al Usfoor is still in serious condition. For two weeks the Alkhalifa clan refused to release any information about the victim who is believed to have died of his wounds on the day of the shooting. The images taken of his body in the mortuary after it was delivered on Sunday 26th January, clearly show the bullet wounds to his head, shoulder and foot. The fatal bullet was fired from the back which indicates that it was an execution by the Death Squads which are controlled by the royal court. Later in the day his funeral was attached mercilessly by the regime’s forces and some mourners were injured. The Bahrainis are now resigned for an eventual showdown with the Alkhalifa dictators and Saudi occupiers to free their country from their evil rule.

Amnesty International has issued an Urgent Action demanding thorough and impartial investigation into this heinous crime which has shocked the population because of its barbarism and disregard for human life. “The Bahraini authorities must immediately investigate the death in custody of a 19-year-old boy who was shot in the head by security forces,” said Amnesty International. “Bahrain’s authorities must come clean and open a full, independent investigation to establish the truth about the death of Fadel Abbas. Those responsible for his death must be held to account,” said Said Boumedouha, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme. “The conflicting information that has emerged over the version of events that led to his death makes such an investigation even more urgent.”

This extra judicial killing has confirmed the impossibility of “reforming” the regime which is still adopting torture and extra judicial killing as means of revenge from the people. The people have, once again, vowed to remain in the streets until the Alkhalifa regime is brought down. The peaceful nature of the Revolution has embarrassed Alkhalifa allies who continue to support this ailing hereditary dictatorship.

On another level, more Bahrainis have been sentenced to lengthy jail sentences by Alkhalifa kangaroo courts for taking part in peaceful protests. In one of the sessions last week, jailed photographer, Hussain Hubail said to the “judge” that lieutenant Fawwaz Al Samim had tortured him and his colleagues at the CID torture chambers, both physically and psychologically. He added that this torturer had threatened to rape their mothers and sisters. Another Bahraini, Jassim Al Nu’aimi, a blogger, said that Fawwza Al Samim had tortured him at CID torture dungeons. The “judge” ignored their claims and proceeded to persecute them. Two days ago a Bahraini citizen disappeared in Oman, and is believed to have been detained by security forces. Sadiq Sha’bani’s fate is unknown and his family has not been informed by the Omanis of his fate.

Today, Alkhalifa high court issued an order to dissolve the Supreme Scholar’s Council, which represents the native Shia Muslim majority. It also called for closing down its headquarters and confiscation of its assets. The Council has been mainly engaged in religious affairs and had hardly engaged in political activities. It has, however, refused to tow the line of the Alkhalifa and Al Saud occupiers. The Clerical Council has been ‘meek’ politically so targeting it is more to do with continuing persecution & forcing it into concessions. The decision which must have come from the dictator, himself, will open a new battlefront with the religious establishment

Bahrain Freedom Movement
29th January 2014