Bahraini Martyr gassed, serious human rights crimes by Alkhalifa, AlSaud

Bahraini Martyr gassed, serious human rights crimes by Alkhalifa, AlSaud

A Bahraini protester has died after spending a month in coma because of the inhalation of poisonous gas used by security forces in an anti-government demonstration. Sayyed Mohammed Kadhem, 55, from Saar Town, succumbed to the lethal gases on Friday 20th February after a month in hospital. His funeral was held on that day and was attacked by regime’s forces using chemical and tear gases as well as shotguns.

The Bahrain 13 (leaders of the Revolution) have continued their hunger strike for the second week in protest at the escalation of torture of the younger prisoners. Last week they were forced to declare their strike when they heard the cries of the victims as they were subjected to most horrific forms of abuse at the hands of the Alkhalifa henchmen. The victims were mostly at wing 6 of Jaw prison. They have been demanding improvement of the prison facilities, but the authorities reacted by attacking them, stopping their daily outing to the courtyard and banning family visits or medical care.

It has now been confirmed that a human rights activist has been subjected to severe torture and forced to sign “confessions” drawn under duress. Hussain Jawad who was arrested ten days ago was allowed first family visit today (Wednesday). On 24th February Amnesty International issued  “Further Information” on Hussain Jawad. It confirmed that the human rights activist had been tortured and forced to “confess” to charges he has since denied. AI urged people to write to the authorities; Calling on the Bahraini authorities to order a prompt, independent and thorough investigation into Hussain Jawad’s torture allegations, bring those responsible to justice and publish the results; n Urging them to ensure he is not subjected to further torture or other ill-treatment or reprisal as a result; nCalling on them to release him immediately and unconditionally if he is being detained solely for his human rights work.

More Bahrainis have been arrested over the past week. From Kawara Town, two native Bahrainis were detained; Ali Dawood and Abdulla Abdul Nabi. From Salhiya, Taha Al Mansi has disappeared four days ago with no news or contact. Four youths were arrested from Abu Saiba and al Shakhoura; Ahmad Helal, Muntadhar Abdul Rasool and Mustafa Al Durazi. From Al Ne’aim Ali Redha Khamdan was snatched from his home when his house was raided in the early hours of Friday 20th February. No news have been received about Jaffar Islami, from Duraz, who was detained last week from Duraz. Also Ahmad Al Ghasra, from Bani Jamra has disappeared for more than a week with no information about his whereabout. On 19th February Abdullah Al Qallaf from Al Nu’aim was detained two days before his wedding.

Meanwhile the Alkhalifa have passed heavy sentences on many native Bahrainis. Photo journalist, Jaffar Abdul Nabi Marhoon has been given life imprisonment for documenting Alkhalifa crimes against Bahrainis. Under-aged child, Mahdi Mohammad Jaffar, 11, was remanded for one week for taking part in anti-regime protest. A leading figure from Al Wefaq has been sentenced to six months. Mahdi Al Ekri was jailed for protesting peacefully against the arrest of Sheikh Ali Salman. Younus Jassim Al Awainati has been remanded in custody for seven days as punishment for protesting peacefully against the hereditary. Four youths have been sentenced to 15 years each for allegedly causing explosion at Adliya district. Salman Abbas Salman, Ibrahim Al Zaaki, Ali Hassan Al Saleh and Maitham Hassan Abba. Yasser Mohammad Jaffar was given seven more days in jail while Saeed Al Haiki was sentenced to 15 years jail and a fined of almost $10,000. He is now sentenced to a total of 33 years. Alkhalifa occupiers also sentenced Abdulla Jaffar to two years. He is an American citizen of Bahraini origin.

Saudi kangaroo court has sentenced two people from the Eastern Province to death; Ali Saeed Al Rebh and Mohammad Faisal Sheyoukh were accused of anti-regime activities.

The 2015 Arthur Svensson Prize has been awarded to the Bahrain Teachers Association (BTA) by leader Mahdi Abu Dheeb and deputy Jalila al-Salman. The international prize for trade union rights was established by Industri Energi (Norway) in 2010. The awarding body praised their encouragement of strike actions among teachers despite the personal risks they faced, including imprisonment and torture. Mahdi Abu Dheeb was sentenced to five years in prison in 2011. His health condition is reportedly worsening steadily and he does not receive essential and critical medical aid. Jalila al-Salman was released after nearly six months in prison, but still suffers from a job ban and restrictions on her rights to speech. Arthur Svensson (1930-2008) was one of Norwegian Trade Union Movement’s most prominent representatives who’s legacy in the Norwegian society has had profound effect by creating better conditions for Norwegian workers.

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