Bahraini natives reject Saudi-backed regime; repression intensifies in revenge

Bahraini natives reject Saudi-backed regime; repression intensifies in revenge

The successful campaign by the revolutionary forces of conducting the unprecedented referendum on 21st and 22nd November has shaken the Alkhalifa regime to its core. Out of over 177,000 of those who participated in the process, more than 170,000 said “Yes” to self-determination. The outcome has now become a serious proof of the lack of legitimacy of the Alkhalifa rule. Compared with the doomed elections held by the regime on 22nd November and boycotted by the majority of the natives, the referendum has become a landmark in the contemporary history of Bahrain, and a development that will only solidify the people’s position in demanding regime change. While UK still clings to the hereditary dictatorship, the world is expected to gradually shift its position and demand an end to the political crisis by handing the power to the native Bahrainis. The total boycott of those pseudo-elections by both the revolutionary and political factions has rendered the regime lacking in popular or constitutional legitimacy.

The frustration of the regime was clearly manifested in its massive crackdown on the natives. It was driven by anger and desire for revenge by the dictator himself. It is believed that he ordered his Death Squads to attack the house of the highest ranking religious figure in the country. On Tuesday 25th November, the home of Ayatullah Sheikh Isa Ahmad Qassim was raided by those vicious elements, its contents turned upside down and its occupants terrified. The message is clear; Bahrain’s dictator has declared war not only on the natives but on their spiritual figures as part of the genocidal policy adopted and implemented by Hamad Alkhalifa, the most vicious Alkhalifa dictator to rule Bahrain since his family occupied it by force in 1783.

The raids on people’s homes have continued unabated. On Monday 24th November, young native Bahraini, Hassan Ahmad Al Biladi was detained in a raid on his house.  He was transferred to unknown destination.The whereabouts of Hajj Ali Mansoor, who is in his sixties, are unknown. He had been snatched nine days ago and taken to the regime’s torture chambers. On Saturday 22nd November regime’s Death Squads arrested three young natives from Duraz; Qassim Mohammad Fadhel, Bader Mohammad and Sayed Hussain Sayed Faisal. They were shot at close range with shotguns and were taken away bleeding. Their families are extremely worried about their safety. Patches of blood were seen at the spot where they were shot. Also Abdulla Ali Ashoor and Hussain Yousif Sudaif were detained on 24th November when their homes were raided at dawn in Sitra. Fadhel Ali AbdAli was snatched by members of Death Squads in a dawn raid on his home in Jannussan. From Jidhafs town, Nidal Abdulaziz Alghazal was arrested after his home was raided at dawn Monday. From Bani Jamra, Mohammad Al Ghanmi, Ali Abbas Atiyaa and Qassim Abdul Hassan Fateel were arrested in home raids on Monday. The life of Ammar Hussain Adam from Sitra is in danger after his arrest two days ago. His brother, Jaffar, had been sentenced to a total of 82 years for anti-regime activities

On 20th November Alkhalifa court sentenced three native Bahrainis to ten years imprisonment and ordered the revocation of their nationality. The victims are: Mohammad Abdul Amir Abbas, Hussain, 23, Ahmad Yousuf Jassim, 24 and Salman Isa Ali Salman, 30. This is part of the policy of genocide implemented by the Alkhalifa on native Bahrainis. The three were falsely accused of an attack on regime’s mercenaries last year at the town of Daih. Total sentence against Hassan Sabah now reached 45 years after he was sentenced to another 15 years today.

On 25th November Amnesty International (AI) issued an Urgent Action on Ahmad Hassan Mushaima, the son of the jailed political leader, Hassan Mushaima. He was kept incommunicado for 24 hours, and his lawyers were not allowed to see him when the prosecution questioned him when he was arrested on 13th November. AI has called on  people to urge the authorities to allow Ahmad Hassan Ali Mshaima immediate access to his lawyer and to release him if he has been detained solely for exercising his right to freedom of expression.

Meanwhile the Alkhalifa ruling clan has refused to allow Nabeel Rajab to travel abroad for fear of exposing its crimes to the outside world. Upon his return last month to Bahrain he was arrested, but the regime was forced to release him under international pressure. Despite the judge’s decision not to impose travel ban on him, the ruling family imposed the ban later.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
26th November 2014