Child-killers par excellance

Child-killers par excellance

Comment by Khalid Amayreh in Occupied East Jerusalem

Seeking to demoralize Palestinians into total submission and surrender,   the Israeli occupation army on Wednesday, 29 August, murdered in cold blood three Palestinian children in the northern Gaza Strip.

According to eyewitnesses, an Israeli tank fired a large artillery shell at a northern Gaza neighborhood, killing three children from the same family.

The children,  whom the  Israeli media, parroting army disinformation, referred to as “teenagers,”  have been identified as Muhammed Ghazal, 10, Yahya Ghazal 12, and Sara Ghazal, also 10 years.

According to the victims’ family, the kids were playing Tag  in the backyard of their home when the artillery shell struck, killing them on the spot and mutilating their tender bodies.

Last week, Israeli soldiers killed two other Palestinian children on the pretext that they approached Israel’s security fence.

Following the grisly slaughter, and as usual in such circumstances, the Israeli army switched to the damage-control mode, claiming that the killing “occurred by mistake.”

Israeli officials also sought to deflect blame, claiming that the kids “were hired by terrorists to retrieve rocket launchers,” and that the army “spotted suspicious movements in the area.”

More to the point, many Jewish talk-show posters were busy congratulating themselves for the grisly murder and urging the IDF to “keep up the good work.”

On Friday, 31 August, the Israeli army retracted earlier statements, saying that “it appeared the kids were playing Tag and were not involved in any terrorist activities.”

Last week, the Israeli army murdered another child in Gaza, citing similar excuses.

Indeed, since the outbreak of the Palestinian Intifada or  uprising against the Nazi-like Israeli occupation in 2000, the Israeli army and paramilitary Jewish terrorists murdered as many as 1000 Palestinian children and minors.

The often pornographic killings raise no eyebrows among Israeli Jews who have come to view the killing of Palestinians, including children, as banal, given the frequency of its occurrence.

Israel often claims its army doesn’t target Palestinian civilians deliberately.

However, human rights organizations operating in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including Israel’s B’tselem, have argued forcefully that the Israeli army murders Palestinian civilians with shocking ease, given the enormous number of victims, killed and maimed, in recurrent Israeli raids and incursions.

In truth, the Israeli army murders Palestinian children knowingly, deliberately and even enthusiastically.

Indeed, when murder occurs nearly on a daily basis, it means targeting civilians is policy, not an aberration. And when the  number of victims is enormous, intent becomes irrelevant.

Obviously the two observations apply wholly  to the Israeli army, which makes Israeli soldiers, officers and commanders, and also politicians who make policy and  issue orders, war criminals who should be shipped, like drugged animals, to war-crime tribunals in the Hague .

This wicked criminality stems mainly from the  post-holocaust Nazi-like Jewish ideological doctrine in which many or most  Israeli soldiers are indoctrinated. This evil doctrine  teaches that non-Jews in general and Palestinians in particular are lesser human beings, or even animals in human form, whose lives are worthless, and that in order to avoid the occurrence of another  holocaust,  Jews ought to commit every conceivable crime and act of evil and strip themselves of any semblance of morality.

This hateful ideology, which few people in the “enlightened west” dare question, apparently for fear of being accused of anti-Semitism, is what made a Jewish immigrant from France, who murdered an Arab taxi driver from East Jerusalem earlier this year, argue that “these people are animals,” and that “ when I  killed him  I felt I was killing an animal not a human being.”

Unfortunately, this murderous ideology is gaining foothold in the Israeli army and in vast sectors of the Israeli Jewish society. A fleet look at the Hebrew press these days would show the extent to which the Israeli society is drifting toward Nazi-like Jewish fascism.

Needless to say,  every time these hateful criminals  murder Palestinian children, they hasten to downplay their crimes by arguing that it is the victim’s fault, not theirs.  Hence, the ready-made mantras they evoke that the murdered kids were “little terrorists” or “that they threw stones at Israeli forces,” etc.

Well, it is always difficult not to draw analogy between these evil, reptile killers and their Nazis colleagues, the Gestapo, Wehrmacht and SS, who too killed many  kids in cold blood and had to concoct lies and other inventions to soothe their conscience so that they could  be able to sleep at night.

After all, child-killers are child-killers, irrespective of the “holy book” they claim to follow and the mantra they invoke.

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