Il Muro di Rafah che s'infrange. Link, video e approfondimenti.

Il Muro di Rafah che s’infrange.

Al-Jazeera Video: Palestinians break out from Gaza seige – 23 Jan 07

In pictures: Gaza border break

Thousands cross Rafah borders; Hamas says it’s the decision of the people

Thousands of Palestinians residents of the Gaza strip managed to cross into Egypt in the early hours of Wednesday after the Palestinian resistance destroyed part of the Wall located on the southern Gaza Egypt borders.

UN: Some 350,000 Gazans stream into Egypt as Palestinians blast border wall
Some 350,000 Palestinians poured out of Gaza and into Egypt early Wednesday, the United Nations said, after masked gunmen blew dozens of holes in the wall delineating the border.

Gazans knock down border, flee to Egypt
RAFAH, Gaza Strip – Tens of thousands of Palestinians on foot and on donkey carts poured into Egypt from Gaza Wednesday after masked gunmen used land mines to blast down a seven-mile barrier dividing the border town of Rafah.

1 Minute to Help 1.5 Million Gazans.

Gaza siege intensified after collapse of natural gas deal
Israel has dramatically intensified its military campaign in the Gaza Strip, stepping up air strikes and shelling of the beleaguered coastal strip. UN officials and human rights advocates warn that Gazans now face a humanitarian disaster of unprecedented magnitude with widespread disease and famine rapidly becoming reality as electricity generation, water supply, sewage treatment, food supplies and medical services grind to a halt as a consequence of the ever tighter Israeli blockade.

After a one day respite on Tuesday, Israel resumes fuel blockade of Gaza strip
Israeli sources announced on Wednesday that the Israeli army had stopped all fuel and food supplies shipments from interring the Gaza strip on Wednesday.

Humanitarian impact of Israel’s blockade of Gaza
Gaza’s 1.5 million residents are struggling to cope without electricity and other basic necessities on the fourth day of an Israeli blockade.

U.S. pressure thwarts UN censure of Gaza blockade
The United Nations Security Council will not approve a resolution condemning Israel over the closure of the Gaza Strip, due to pressure applied by the United States.

Report: Dozens hurt in Rafah Crossing clashes
Egyptian troops fight off Palestinian protestors gathered at crossing, calling for its immediate opening as means to ease Israeli siege on Gaza. Egyptians use dogs, water hoses to scatter protestors; several Palestinians arrested.,7340,L-3497427,00.html

Rafah Crossing: Gunfire, Tears, Anger

Nearly 60 Palestinian women and eleven Egyptian policemen were injured, including one from gunfire and the other 10 from rocks thrown at them.

Palestinians blow up wall between Gaza and Egypt, witnesses report

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip: Masked Palestinian gunmen detonated explosives early Wednesday next to the border wall separating Gaza and Egypt causing several holes in the iron barrier, witnesses said. Dozens of residents gathered at the border waiting to cross as Hamas forces gathered on the scene and prevented people from getting through, the witnesses reported. On the other side, Egypt deployed troops to block any infiltration attempts from Gaza.

Britain condemns Israeli blockade of Gaza

LONDON: Britain has condemned the escalation of suffering, as Israel blockades Gaza in response to a series of rocket attacks. A call for an end to the aggression came in a joint statement by Foreign Secretary, David Miliband and Secretary of State for International Development Douglas Alexander. "The recent escalation of violence between Gazans and Israelis is extremely grave," it said.

Scores of Palestinian women protest at the Rafah Crossing southern Gaza

Egyptian police and troops attacked the protest using water canon and batons, medical sources reported that at least 20 women suffered injures so far and had to be moved to hospitals inside the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian sources: 50 female protestors hurt at Rafah Crossing
Palestinian sources reported Tuesday that at least 50 female protestors were injured during clashes with Egyptian security forces at Rafah Crossing and taken to the Strip’s hospitals unconscious.  Some 3,000 protestors, mostly woman, gathered at the crossing and demanded Egypt open it in order to ease the Israeli siege on Gaza.,7340,L-3497436,00.html

‘The cold keeps the food from going bad’
Gaza Strip residents yesterday moved from worrying about the electricity cuts of the previous 40 hours to worrying about a water shortage. The municipality needs electricity to bring water to homes and the houses need it to pump water to the roof tanks. Hence 40 percent of Gaza Strip homes – 600,000 people – had no running water yesterday, the Palestinian water authority said.

Sewage goes untreated in Gaza

Thirty thousand cubic metres of untreated sewage from the Gaza Strip was dumped into the Mediterranean as a direct result of the four-day total embargo on fuel and humanitarian supplies, Palestinian water executives said yesterday.

Stench wafts through Gaza as sewage system falters
Yussef Al-Jayar jolted awake this week when gallons of raw sewage spewed out of the pumping station next door and started to seep under his door and into his mattress. "We had to grab buckets and get the neighbours to help bail us out," the 74-year-old Palestinian said at his house in Gaza City, pointing to a mark about a metre above the floor where the rancid water reached. "It stank."

Karen Koning AbuZayd: This brutal siege of Gaza can only breed violence

Palestinian suffering has reached new depths. Peace cannot be built by reducing 1.5m people to a state of abject destitution.,,2245298,00.html

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