Infanzia perduta.

children in gaza

In some countries children use guns for fun-shootings. If a few classmates die, one can even get famous. In other countries children wielding guns are so common that when Times Online reports that, hardly anyone cares to mention any names. If you are born in the wrong side of the globe then even if you shoot your whole city down, no one will bat an eyelid.

So cliches justify the violent games that kids are playing in the Gaza strip. Only these children do not need the television to learn guerrilla warfare. Everything is happening right in front of their eyes. And unlike the sociopaths in the West, who kill for pleasure, these kids may have to kill someday for necessity. They may have to defend their communities in the future against US and Zionist aggression.

They are playing ‘raid-the-houses’, ‘torture-the-prisoner’ and ‘curfew’ games. The innocent world of the child has been stained by the dark stain of human blood. Palestinian kids are being forced to grow up before their time. Each child who is born brings us the message that God has not yet tired of humans. Children are the only hope for our blighted planet. But when these kids are being sucked into violence so soon in their lives, we are reminded of something Christ said. The Lord had said that if anyone misleads these tiny ones then it is better for that person to hang a grindstone around his neck and drown.

If the US’s President Bush is a Christian, then we know what he has to do. Christ is clear. The mess in the Middle East is a creation of the US. By now Israel and Palestine would have found peace if there was no meddling US there. The US is there in the guise of a peace-monger but all it wants is the oil.

And how so much we write, for Bush and his cronies only US kids matter, Palestinian children do not even deserve individual naming. Now, do we name insects, vermin? The Eastern and Asian people are so much vermin burdening the white world. That is what developed nations think of us.

Image: Columbiatribune

Times Online

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