Israele, stato di gangster.

Riceviamo e pubblichiamo. 


Cari amici,


Che momento triste! Che cose orribili sta facendo Israele a Gaza. E il mondo è cieco!


Ho passato allo scanner la maggior parte dei quotidiani in Inghilterra e negli Usa, e anche la Reuters e la CNN per cercare dei report su Gaza. Ma, a parte la stampa israeliana, non c’è nulla su ciò che sta accadendo in questo momento. Le luci sono spente. Gli abitanti di Gaza stanno facendo una marcia a lume di candela per protestare contro il taglio dell’elettricità e temono per il loro destino.


Non capisco perché i media neghino una storia così succosa. E’ chiaro ora perché l’esercito israeliano (con la collaborazione del governo) abbia evitato un’incursione maggiore! E perché il governo abbia rifiutato di costruire ripari per la gente bersagliata dai razzi Qassam a Sderot, dicendo loro di essere più coraggiosi e di tener duro! Ovviamente, ora è chiaro. Non c’era bisogno di incursioni dell’esercito. E’ in atto un piano diabolico: lasciar morire la popolazione di Gaza. Lasciare morire i neonati nelle incubatrici mentre le loro culle si raffreddano. Molto più economico sbarazzarsi dei palestinesi attraverso un genocidio lento e doloroso che rischiare la vita e gli equipaggiamenti dei soldati!  E se tu li uccidi tutti, non ci saranno più razzi Qassam. Io non scommetterei sulla fine dei Qassam, comunque. Ci saranno altri a tenere su la causa, anche se Israele dovesse uccidere ogni singolo abitante di Gaza.


(…) Come posso starmene seduta nella mia casa calda e confortevole, quando gli abitanti di Gaza stanno soffrendo così orribilmente?


Un ultimo elemento rivela il vero carattere dei leader di Israele: la Knesset israeliana chiede la liquidazione di Nasrallah! Un manipolo di gangster che non conosce né legge né ordine!  Liquidazione/assassinio è il nome di un gioco. E chiamano Israele stato democratico. Per diavolo, no, "mafia" descrive meglio la sua natura.



Dear Friends,


What a sad moment!  What a horrible thing Israel is doing to Gaza.  And the world turns a blind eye!


I have scanned the major newspapers in England and the US, as well as Reuters and CNN for reports on Gaza.  But apart from the Israeli press, nothing current is available, that is, to what is happening at this very moment.   The lights are out. Gazans are having a candle-light march to protest the closing down of electricity, and fearing their fate.


I don’t understand why the media neglects so juicy a story.  It is clear now why the Israeli military (with the collaboration of the government) has avoided a major incursion!   And why the government has refused to build shelters for the qassamed people in Sderot, telling them instead to bolster their courage, and learn to endure!  Of course, now it’s clear.   There is no need for IOF incursions.  There is a devilish plan instead.  Let the people in Gaza starve to death.  Let infants in incubators die as their cribs turn cold.   Much cheaper getting rid of Palestinians by a slow and painful genocide than risking IOF soldiers’ lives and equipment!   And if you kill them all, there will be no more qassams.   I would not bet on the qassams ending, however.   There will be others to take up the cause, even if Israel kills every last Gazan.


Below are a few tidbits from the Israeli press and human rights organizations, and from Mohammed, a Gazan who is living the tragedy encompassing his people.   Read, and cry and hang your heads in shame.  How can I sit in my nice warm comfortable home, when Gazans are suffering so horribly?


One last item closes this message on this ignominious day, not about Gaza, but a news item that reveals the true character of Israel’s leaders: Israeli Knesset members demand liquidating Nasrallah!   A bunch of gangsters who know no law and order!  Liquidation/assassination is the name of the game.  And they call Israel a democratic country.  Hell no!  Mafia better describes its nature.




[Background from today’s editorial in Ha’aretz

Hebrew: ]


"Fifty years have gone by since Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan eulogized Roi Rotberg of Kibbutz Nahal Oz, who was murdered by Palestinian infiltrators. The eulogy is still relevant. ‘How can we complain about Gaza’s hatred toward us?" said Dayan. &q
uot;For eight years, they have been sitting in refugee camps while right in front of them we are turning the land and villages of their forefathers into our home.’"

"Since then, not much has been done to diminish the hatred. While the settlements of the northern Negev became the pride of Israeli agriculture, Gazans grew poorer. For 30 years, Israel settled large areas in the Gaza Strip, its hothouses and religious colleges further deepening the despair of the refugee camp residents. The disengagement did not help the people living in Gaza, who meanwhile elected Hamas to make their lives even more miserable. "


From: Judith Harel


Fuel availability in the MoH hospitals, access of patients and passage of drugs shipments 

From: Dalia Salha [mailto: ]
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2008 4:01 PM

Subject: Current Situation

Fuel availability


Today Gaza has received 154 megawatt out of the needed 240 megawatt (the need in the winter time):

  1. The local power plant produced 30 megawatt out of the 55 megawatt
  2.  the Israeli company provided Gaza with 107 out of the 120 megawatt that usually provides; and
  3. The Egyptian provided the 17 megawatt that usually provides.


The Gaza power plant declared that the plant will stop functioning today by 4:00 pm as there is no fuel supply

Information collected from 6 MoH hospitals- 20 January- 2:00 pm on fuel availability show the following

Facility name

Storage capacity

Available amount

Kamal Edwan Hospital  

9,500 liters

4,700 liters

Beit Hanun Hospital

8,100 liters

2,700 liters

Shifa Hospital

57,000 liters

15,000 liters

Paediatrics Hospital

10,000 liters

1,200 liters

Aqsa Martyrs Hospital

16,700 liters

7,400 liters

Gaza European Hospital

120,000 liters

12,000 liters




 Hospital generator consumption is at 40 -50 lit/hour. The available fuel will be depleted within few days as the daily electricity cuts is 12 hours.

 Gaza European hospital in Khan Younis has declared the emergency status at the hospital. All the departments have stopped working except the intensive care unit and the operation room. The hospital is accepting only urgent cases.

Aqsa Martyrs hospital in the Mid zone will work for only 4 hours per day to decreased starting tomorrow.

Shifa hospital has three generators that feed three different parts. The fuel availability in one tank is 200 liters. The generator will stop functioning withi
n hours. This generator feeds the laundry room, oxygen extractor, pharmacy and the oncology department.

The hospital will declare the emergency status by tomorrow due the continuous consumption of the available fuel.


2. Access of Patients/drugs’ shipments

Access of patients

The Israeli has informed the Palestinian liaison officer that urgent patient should be allowed to get out of Gaza ; however,

On Friday two patients attempted to cross and crossed

Saturday Erez crossing is closed

On Sunday: 43 patients with their 43 companions in addition to two urgent cases (transported by ambulances) with their two companions have been allowed to cross Erez

 Drugs shipments

 WHO had coordinated for 48 pallets to get into Gaza through Kerm Shalom on the 17 th of January. only 23 pallets were allowed to get in and the passage of other pallets were delayed till the 21 st of January.

ICRC had coordinated the passage of 48 pallets to come into Gaza today the 20 th of January, however, the shipment had denied access and delayed till Tuesday the 22 nd of January.

Dalia Salha, MPH
National Epidemiology Officer
World Health Organization
West Bank & Gaza Office
Tel: 282 2033/286 2997 – Fax: 284 5409
Mobile : 059 967 5642


21:03 , 01.20.08

Lights Out

‘Israel’s sanctions strengthen Hamas’,7340,L-3496673,00.html

As Gaza plunges into darkness due to power shortage, locals warn of impending humanitarian crisis. One resident says Israel’s ‘collective punishment’ increases solidarity among Palestinians
Ali Waked

Wide areas in the Gaza Strip plunged into darkness Sunday evening, as a local power plant was forced to shut down its turbines after Israel stopped fuel supply into the Strip. Many Gazans now fear that a massive humanitarian crisis is imminent, despite Israel’s claims that 70% of power supply is still provided by an Israeli plant.  

Hospitals in the Strip have already announced the cancellation of all operations scheduled for the coming days. Health officials are worried that electrical medical equipment, such as dialysis machines and respirators, would collapse. According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, 10 minutes without electricity could lead to the death of dozens of patients.

Gaza residents are also concerned about a sanitation crisis should sewage pumps stop working. Furthermore, some sources in the Strip estimated that most factories would begin shutting down operations as of tomorrow (Monday).

UNRWA also concerned

Thousands of Gazans were set to participate in a "candle rally" Sunday evening, and take to the streets with candles in their hands in protest of the power outage. Media outlets in the Strip, especially those affiliated with Hamas, have been urging international organizations and the Arab world to intervene throughout the day.

The United National Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) recently announced that humanitarian aid has not been permitted into the Gaza Strip since the crossings have been closed.

"It (the power plant shutdown) is going to have a significant impact on the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Gaza," said Christopher Gunness, spokesman for the UNRWA, whose aid shipments have been turned back.

Israel’s sanctions ‘strengthen Hamas’  

"The power outage in Gaza will not hurt Hamas, on the contrary – it will strengthen the Islamic organizations, so that even secular Palestinians, who used to support Fatah, will sympathize with Hamas," Youssef Khatib, a clerk from the Khan Younis area, told Ynet.

"Israel’s collective punishment policy would not lead to results. I am not a Hamas man, but I tell my children that the blackout is the result of Israel’s war against us," he added.

According to Khatib, Israel’s sanctions worked to heighten solidarity among the Palestinians. "The Palestinian people unite in theses tough moments. Although the internal strife in Gaza exists, mutual help is increasing.



  Subject: I hope thi
s is being reported in a way that won’t make us ashamed later.

 Dear Charlie, No electricity, people are going hungry, no bread, and no medicine and lots of things that are missing. people are out in the streets now calling for the world to end the starvation and siege.   it might be that people’s only option is to break out the borderline and go to Egypt and get food. It’s scary here. no bread, no water at home where I am. I have some leftovers biscuits from two days ago. but my laptop batteries will be flat soon. I will find a new agency from those who have electricity generators to recharge my laptop and keep online, if you don’t hear from me this is why. Again, I fear Israeli warplanes will bomb the people in the streets. people are in lines trying to find bread. I never seen this in all my 23 years life!



    "The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything."

    Albert Einstein


Ha’aretz Update Sunday, January 20, 2008


Last update – 16:21 20/01/2008


Dear all,

Just  in case you are wondering what Gazans are going through, here are some horrifying images of the situation by my friend Mohammed from Rafah Today. I just posted the pictures.   Click on the images to view a larger image.

Warning: they are quite graphic.

Marlyn Tadros

Or more precisely: 


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