"La crisi degli stipendi sta influenzando pesantemente il progetto di governo". L'editoriale di Ma'an.

Bethlehem-Ma’an-Political Editor-The salary crisis is beginning to become an issue of influence on Palestinian lives, and the first signs were the demonstrations and strikes that took place this week. Palestinians are divided on these actions.

At the same time, the government is pushing its supporters to demonstrate their support for its’ policy and positions, calling for the Palestinian people to be patient and refuse to submit. They collected donations after the Friday noon prayers, while the opposition are organizing demonstrations and strikes in which they blame the government for the financial crisis. The opposition want a solution to the financial crisis and an end to the policy of starvation. But the financial crisis and the policy of starvation has nothing to do with the government – and it is a victim of external policies as all other Palestinians are.

As the government is still unable to find the time to open the files of the former government and is also unable to bring in the money collected from countries abroad as doors are closed when it tries to transfer this money, the crisis now threatens to overthrow the government and lead to the collapse of the national project.

The government is now required to abandon sloganeering as those who rule have to play a different role than those in opposition. Slogans will not feed a hungry man nor make one who is afraid feel secure afraid. The government should reconsider its’ positions and retract all its’ policies and review its’ relationship with other factions in the Palestinian arena.

If it is not fair to place responsibility on the government with regard to the transfer of money and to ask it to resign, it is also not fair of the government to refuse to face reality. We believe that it will be useful for the government to look for political solutions and schedules which may bring other Palestinian factions into decision-making as partners. They will then face the challenges together with the government.

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