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Edition: 20 – November 11, 2009

Corporate News

Volvo providing armored buses for Israeli settlements

The Electronic Intifada has found that through its Volvo Buses branch, the Volvo Group is providing armored buses to transport Israeli settlers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).

By providing construction and transportation equipment that facilitates Israel's occupation, the company violates this Code of Conduct on a daily basis. With increasing calls for boycott of and divestment from companies that support Israel's occupation, Volvo Group can expect activists around the world to put pressure on responsible investors to divest from the company and to call on public bus companies not to buy Volvo buses. [MORE]

Latest News

Another China contract for NICE
Nice was selected by Beijing Metro in China to provide NICE’s IP video solution, following the system's implementation on 6 of the other Metro lines. This is the Metro’s largest video security project ever. [MORE]

Veolia not immediately leaving Light Rail
The Dan bus cooperative is putting off buying out French company Veolia's shares in the light-rail project in Jerusalem. The deal taking shape has Dan buying 49% of the City Pass project's operating company, which is wholly owned by Veolia. After five years of running the train line, Dan will buy out Veolia's other 51% as well as its 5% in the consortium in charge of the light-rail in the capital. [MORE]

Smart card co SC2 near major US passport deal
An Israeli smart card start-up may be one of the big winners in the US government smart document project. Sources inform ''Globes'' that information security solutions developer for smart cards SC2 Ltd. is one of the two companies whose technology will be used in the issuing of 50 million smart US passports. [MORE]

Israeli banks entrenched in settlement building
Several Western pension funds and financial managers hold shares in two Israeli banks: Bank Hapoalim and Bank Leumi. Both banks operate in and offer loans to finance illegal settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian and Syrian territories. [MORE]

Military, arms and homeland security news

Israel-Turkey Rift Derails Defense Trade

The growing Israel-Turkey rift that culminated in Ankara canceling Israeli participation in a multinational exercise threatens to derail already declining defense cooperation between the two countries, said officials from both countries. Israel plans to withhold export licenses for the sale of defense articles and services to Turkey, and demote the country's standing from preferred to one that carries a presumption of denial, Ministry of Defense sources said. [MORE]

Ongoing Campaigns

Challenging Israeli war criminals
Moshe Yaalon, a government minister and former army chief of staff, has canceled a trip to Britain, fearing he could be arrested on war crimes charges. [MORE] Also, Ehud Olmert, Israel's prime minister during the Gaza war, would probably face arrest on war crimes charges if he visited Britain, according to a UK lawyer who is working to expand the application of “universal jurisdiction” for offences involving serious human rights abuses committed anywhere in the world. [MORE]

Latest News

TAT Technologies wins two contracts
Israeli manufacturer of aviation products and systems TAT signed a license agreement for the manufacturing of Emergency Power Systems for the F-16 aircraft with anticipated revenues of approximately $6M over the 3 year period. Additional activities currently performed may increase total revenues up to approximately $10M for that period. [MORE] In addition late last month, TAT won a commericial aircraft contract with Brazilian Embraer worth approximately $10 million. [MORE]

Elbit wins contract with US Navy
Elbit Systems Ltd. subsidiary Elbit Systems of America LLC has won a five-year contract to supply up to $11.4 million worth of 100-watt power amplifiers for the US Navy's Digital Modular Radio (DMR) program. The US Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR) awarded the contract. [MORE]

Ophir Optronics wins contract with major US defense co
The company signed a contract with a US defense systems company, which could result in $60 million revenue. The contract, through US subsidiary Ophir Optics Inc., came into effect in September. [MORE]

Germany selects IAI's Heron UAV for Afghanistan mission
From March 2010 Israel Aerospace Industries Heron 1 UAVs will be operated by the German armed forces in Afghanistan under a government leasing deal worth tens of millions of euros. [MORE]

Israel interested in two German war ships
Media reports suggest that Israel is considering the purchase of two sophisticated German warships. However, it is unclear who will foot the bill for the multi-million-euro deal. [MORE]

Free trade and government agreements

Settlement builder gets Guatemala road contract

Shikun u'Binui Holdings Ltd. (Housing and Construction) wholly-owned subsidiary Shikun u'Binui SBI Infrastructures Ltd. (formerly Solel Boneh International) has signed a $230 million contract with the Guatemala government to rebuild the Franja Transversal del Norte highway. [MORE]

Solel Boneh has constructed housing projects in the West Bank settlements of Har Homa, Modi'in Illit and Ma'ale Adumim as well as supplying construction materials for the checkpoint terminals along the path of the Wall. [MORE]

Latest News

Israel revives water imports from Turkey plan
The Water Authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are working together to revive a plan to import water from Turkey by tankers, according to preliminary answers that Water Authority director general Uri Shani provided the State Inquiry Committee Investigating the Water Shortage, headed by Judge Emeritus Dan Bein. [MORE]

Bahrain lawmakers vote to ban dealings with Israel
Bahrain's elected lower house of parliament passed a bill Tuesday banning citizens from having any relations with Israelis, even as the government has called for increased contact with Israel. The bill will likely stall in the upper house of parliament, which is filled with government supporters. [MORE]

Special update: UK boycott victory!

Sussex University students vote to boycott Israeli goods
Students at the University of Sussex, England have voted to boycott Israeli goods. The decision follows the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, which calls upon the Israeli state to respect international law and end the occupation of Palestine. [MORE]
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