Palestine Think Tank.

Palestine Think Tank

Three new Videos on our channel PTT TV:
Gilad Atzmon at a Pro-Palestinian event in Paris

The testimony of the Raytheon Nine, as the trial is underway

Na’alin, Direct action to STOP Bulldozers

Analysis and news by our writers
Some excellent and original reporting by Reham Alhelsi
The creeping wall in Eastern Jerusalem
The unforgotten city and its forgotten suffering

Kawther Salam’s analysis
Ramallah, Centre for Israeli Death squads?
Israel Destroys house of PA Deputy Labor Minister
The Investment Conference in Bethlehem

Nadia Hasan’s analysis of the same conference
The Call is Palestinian, but the decision is Israeli

Adel Samara’s analysis
Development by Colonialism

Iqbal Tamimi reports
Ministry of Prisoners
Mahmoud Azzam, 10 years a prisoner with no accusation

Ibraham Turner
Divide and Rule


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