Scudi umani, la nuova strategia di resistenza di Hamas.


The Hamas Movement has affirmed that Palestinian human shields which protected homes of Palestinian resistance fighters over the past two days constituted a turning point in the Palestinian march of Jihad, and posed as a clear indication that the Palestinian masses were united behind the resistance.

In this context, the Movement urged Palestinian masses and the resistance factions to "develop mechanisms of popular participation in such heroic acts that will, ultimately, foil the Israeli policy of shelling Palestinian homes".

"This is a clear indication that the Palestinian masses are rallying behind the resistance option, and proves that the Palestinian masses are indeed appreciating the sacrifice of the Palestinian resistance fighters in protecting them and defending the country", the Movement underlined in a statement it issued and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC.

It opined that Israel, by refraining from shelling homes of Palestinian fighters shielded by hundreds of Palestinian citizens, had admitted the "failure of its military policies against the steadfast Palestinian people".

The IOF troops bombarded tens of Palestinian homes and reduced them to rubbles since their military campaign on the Strip started last June where hundreds of Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed.

"The plan of the Israeli occupation government is to make the shelling of Palestinian homes a daily routine that Palestinians should psychologically accept; but they failed in achieving the goal", the statement underscored.

Moreover, the Movement expressed confidence that such popular resistance on the part of the Palestinian people will bolster the morale of the fighters in face of the "Zionist enemy".

Destroying Palestinian homes was a long-time policy the Israeli occupation government used in a bid to demoralize the Palestinian fighters and to force them give up the resistance option; yet, Palestinian resistance against the occupation intensified further in spite of that "savage" policy.

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