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from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
October 27
, 2008

Less than two weeks to go…


VI Week against the Apartheid Wall

November 9 – 16


Six years after the first mass protests started in the northern West Bank against the Apartheid Wall, Occupation bulldozers and military are targeting our land and people. We have continued to stand against the Wall, halting the construction works with our own hands, defending our land and mourning our latest martyrs – Ahmad Mousa (12 years) and Yousef Amira (17 years) – that have given their lives in the struggle against the Wall. We call on you to stand in solidarity:

Mobilize and raise your voice during the

Sixth Week against the Apartheid Wall,

9 – 16 2008.


The call of the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign and its popular committees for the Sixth Week against the Apartheid Wall is part of the national and international mobilization to mark the 60th year of the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe), in which millions of Palestinians were either slaughtered or displaced by the Zionist militias and army.

In order to ensure that the local, regional and national actions will have the necessary global impact, we need your contribution and feedback:

If you plan actions, please send the following details to


City and Location:


Type of initiative:

Other details:



Contact details (please indicate whether you would like them to be published):

Thank you for your support to the struggle against the Apartheid wall and Justice in Palestine!

Activist Material for the Week against the Apartheid Wall


“Palestinian Villages and Town between Isolation and Expulsion”:

a detailed study of the communities threatened with ethnic cleansing by the Apartheid Wall.

Download the PDF here:

Please, see the French version at:


“Palestinian Villages and Town between Isolation and Expulsion” – the factsheet:

a short summary of the most important facts and figures.

Download the factsheet at:


“The Arab Jahalin: from the Nakba to the Wall”:

an in depth study on the history of the Jahalin Bedouin, from there expulsion from Tal ‘Arad until the present. Based on a number of oral histories, the Jahalin narrate their own struggle.

Download the PDF at:

or contact us at

“On the way of return to Tal Arad – the Arab Jahalin”:

a 25 minutes documentary on the Arab Jahalin and their struggle for dignity and return to Tal Arad.

To obtain a DVD, please contact us at:


“Threatened villages – 6 years of struggle”:

a powerful photo exhibit that illustrates the reality and struggle of the Palestinian villages threatened by the Wall and the Bedouin communities within the context of the ongoing Nakba. 36 photos, including captions.

To preview the exhibit, see:

To obtain the hi-res exhibit photos and captions, please contact us at


Develop your Boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns.

For more information, materials and updates, see:


Mobilize against the Occupation’s policies and its Apartheid Wall!

Reach out to your media!

Reach out to your political representatives!

Stop support Israeli apartheid! for hard copies. or contact us at for hard copies.
Visit the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign web site.

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