Un anno di governo Hamas.

Da Ma’an News.

Thursday 25th January commemorates the victory of the Hamas movement in the Palestinian Legislative Council elections. Great changes have happened domestically, globally and at the regional Arab level, during Hamas’ year in power.

Ma’an interviewed several key people one year after this ground-shaking event:

Former minister and Fatah leader, Nabil Sha’ath stated that it has been "a very dire year", yet he attributed it not only to the Hamas movement, but also to the "tyrant international siege imposed on the Palestinians". He added that Hamas had "frozen" the PLC and failed to bring about security in the Palestinian street. Furthermore, said Sha’ath, "there has been no progress towards national unity and the relationships with the international and Arab communities have weakened". Finally, he expressed hope that the coming year will be better and may witness a decrease in the incitement to violence.

The respected political analyst, Ali Jarbawi, described last year as "a year of dispute", stating that the only positive achievement was the clean elections. He added that "the Palestinians involved themselves in political dispute which reached the level of street confrontations between rivals. This has resulted in a tense retreat from all perspectives."

Member of the political bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Kayid Al-Ghoul declared that the siege was the most prominent event associated with the political agenda of the government, whose agenda was unacceptable globally. "The failure to compose a unity government prolonged the blockade. What complicated the situation even more was the reflection of the siege on the Palestinian domestic tension, which led to paralyzing the government institutions and the overall situation." With regard to the current year, Al-Ghoul expressed optimism, once the current crisis be solved.

Qays Abu Layla, a member of the political bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), told Ma’an that "the Palestinian voters counted on the previous elections to bring about a multilateral system. The results of the elections, given that it didn’t reflect the real weight of Hamas, just substituted the monopoly of one party with another’s".

The Hamas leader, Khalil Abu Layla described last year as "the year of Hamas’ accomplishments". He added that several parties tried to topple the government but failed.

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