Yarmouk Starvation war

By Iyad Khuder


Here is Syria TV newscast of 4 Feb.

Go directly to the time 9:10 in the footage.

Watch the background shot:

It’s for some civilians of Yarmouk after having got the food from UNRWA: they have been targeted by the snipers and forced to leave the food package, they could only take the bread with them!

Here is the full shot:


A Palestinian man in Yarmouk told me what happened with his neighbour Abu Muhammed in the day before:

While he was going back home with the food box, a man affiliated to Nusra, that is controlling the camp, told him: “Hello uncle, I’ll help you to deliver the box to your home with this chariot”

“Oh this is so kind of you!” said Abu Muhammed.

When he arrived home, the Nusra man gave him the box.

When Abu Muhammed opened the box at home… there was the unpleasant shock:

The box was full of soil!!!

It was obvious for them that the Nusra men substituted the boxes and did this trick for 2 aims:

First, to steel the food,


Second, which is more malicious: To tell the inhabitants that the “regime” is giving you soil not food!

(Of course this is not logic because it was he UNRWA who is supervising the process along with Palestinian committees, not Syrian army. The latter was only protecting them.)


Syria TV newscast for 4 Feb.


Syria TV newscast for 4 Feb Arabic


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