The world awaits Saudi mass executions as Alkhalifa sink deep in crime

The world awaits Saudi mass executions as Alkhalifa sink deep in crime

The world is holding its breath for one of the largest official massacres of human lives in recent times. The Saudis have decided to kill over fifty citizens for opposing their hereditary dictatorship. Some of those condemned to death after most unfair trials belong to AlQa’ida, but several others are Shia Muslims from the Eastern Province. They include Sheikh Nimr Al Nimr whose crime is raising his voice in defiance of this hated reactionary regime. The human rights world is expected to shout in one voice against the proposed executions, and is expected to exercise pressure on Western governments to take a stand.

This outcry comes in parallel with international calls not to bomb ISIS but to take more effective measures to throttle it. The British Prime minister is attempting to silence the rising calls for effective action against terrorism after the 14-years of the “War on Terror” has disastrously failed. There are calls on the US and European Union to take action against countries supporting ISIS especially Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE. There is an expanding mass of people who want Turkey to seal off its borders, stop buying looted oil from ISIS, shut down its recruiting and logistical offices on its soil and join the international efforts to throttle the terrorist groups. Saudis and other Gulf states must be held to account for their financial and moral support to these most lethal terrorist groups. Bombing from the air will not end ISIS threat of the West.

The situation in Bahrain is worsening faster than ever. Kangaroo trials, dawn raids and horrific torture have intensified in the past two weeks in revenge for the peaceful challenge of their torturers by Bahraini refugees in UK. The dictator is said to be extremely angry at the decision by the Metropolitan police not to pursue the claim by one of the most dangerous torturers against some of his victims outside London Zoo. The notorious torturer was confronted by his victims who asked him whether he remembers torturing them, to which he replied: I remember everything.

The Alkhalifa revenge has taken several forms. Yesterday seven native Bahrainis were sentenced to five years jail for participating in anti-regime protests. Several fathers of martyrs were summoned by the regime’s torturers and warned of torture and imprisonment if they did not stop joining anti-regime protests. Fathers of Ali AlShaikh, Mahmood abu Taki, Hussam Al Haddad and the veteran elderly protester, Hajji Majid were summoned and threatened by Alkhallifa torturers, but are still defiant and insist on challenging the tribal rule until real political change is achieved in the country.

On 30th November Sayed Ali AlSari, 15, was charged with terrorist offences. He had been arrested for driving a car without a licence, but the charge was immediately changed. On 28th November, under-aged Haidar AlMulla was snatched by regime’s Death Squads from Sanabis Town. Two of his brothers are languishing in torture cells. On 25th November Mahdi Jaffar Marhoon was detained and taken to unknown destination.

Last month Ali Isa Al-Tajer, brother of prominent human rights lawyer Mohammed Al-Tajer was arrested in Al-Dair and his whereabouts remain unknown. At approximately 5pm on 5 November 2015, members of the security forces in civilian clothes raided the family home in Al-Dair village and arrested Ali Isa Al-Tajer. He has had no access to his family or lawyer since.  On 26th November Amnesty International (AI) issued an Urgent Action on behalf of Ali Isa al-Tajer  which said: It is not known where he is held, or whether he has been charged. He is at risk of torture and other ill-treatment. AI called on people to write to the authorities: Urging the Bahraini authorities to disclose Ali Isa al-Tajer’s legal status and where he is detained, and give him immediate access to his family and lawyer; Urging them to ensure that Ali Isa al-Tajer is not tortured or otherwise ill-treated, and is given prompt access to any medical attention he may require and Calling on them to release him unless he is charged with an internationally.

Sheikh Ali Salman’s wife wrote on her Twitter account that their daughter was denied her right to a Bahraini citizenship due to her husband’s imprisonment. The daughter’s situation is similar to that of many children who were denied their right to a citizenship for political reasons or their father’s imprisonment.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
2 December 2015