New Martyr in Qatif as MPs call for release of Bahraini prisoners

New Martyr in Qatif as MPs call for release of Bahraini prisoners

A new martyr today in Qatif has added to the tension in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Hussain Al Sayegh died two days after being hit by terrorists groomed by the Saudi regime. He was one of the volunteers protecting mosques and congregation halls, following two suicide bombings in the Province last month which killed scores of Friday worshippers. Another youth was shot on 18th June in the same way. The Saudi authorities have failed to stop supporting the terrorist groups that have wreaked havoc in the region. In Bahrain, the Alkhalifa regime has threatened native Bahrainis of suicide bombings by ISIS if they did not stop their religious activities. There has been worldwide condemnation of the Saudi and Alkhalifa regimes for blackmailing the people into submission to their hereditary dictatorship. Anger is also expressed against both US and UK for their continued support to those terrorist regimes.

As the UK Government continued its support of Bahrain’s systematic torturers, 23 MPs have signed an Early Day Motion calling for the release of political prisoners. EDM 241 says: “That this House expresses severe concerns about the ongoing restrictions against free speech in Bahrain; notes the recent findings by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch of reprisals against individuals exercising their right to free speech in Bahrain, including the continued ban on protests and rallies and the systematic use of torture and other cruel and degrading treatment; condemns the harassment, intimidation, detention and sentencing of human rights defender Nabeel Rajab to six months’ imprisonment for a tweet critical of the Ministries of Interior and Defence; is concerned at the current trial of Mr Rajab for tweets that may lead to 10 years’ imprisonment; is alarmed at the deterioration of the political climate in Bahrain and the crackdown on political dissent and fundamental freedoms in that country; calls on the government of Bahrain to release all political prisoners and those imprisoned for their right to freedom of expression; and urges the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to re-evaluate its assistance to Bahrain in light of these ongoing violations and to implement the recommendations of the Foreign Affairs Committee in its First Report of Session 2013-14, HC88, by listing Bahrain as a country of concern in its upcoming human rights report.

This EDM comes at a time of heightened tension as one of the most prominent political prisoners continues his hunger strike in protest at the criminality of the Alkhalifa regime. Dr Abdul Jalil Al Singace has now spent 112 days without food while the dictator is adamant on his evil policy of persecuting native Bahrainis. Several organisations including PEN Internationals have called for “the immediate and unconditional release of Dr Abduljalil Al-Singace in addition to all human rights defenders and activists in Bahrain who are detained in violation of Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. They also demanded. They added: “We demand that Dr Al-Singace receives full access to specialised medical attention as a matter of urgency. We remind Bahrain of its obligations to comply with the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners. We also call on Bahrain to fully investigate the allegations of ill treatment and torture at Jaw Prison, in line with its obligations under the Convention against Torture.”

The regime’s attacks on natives have continued unabated. In the week between 29th June and 5th July at least 57 arrests including five children were made. According to the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights at least 1126 were arrested in the first six months of this years, including 142 children and 28 women.  The  most prominent figure to be detained in the past week is Majeed Milad, former MP from Al Wefaq. His crime is protesting against Alkhalifa policy of systematically targeting Shia mosques and congregation halls. The regime’s persecution of AlWefaq began with the arrest of its Secretary General, Sheikh Ali Salman and another senior official, Jameel Kadhem.

On 6th July Salah Radhi from AlMusalla Town was arrested in a raid on his house. On 2nd July Hussain Al Haddad from Al Nu’aim was detained, nothing has been heard of him since. From the same time two children, Mujtaba Abd Ali and Mirza Abbas have been remanded in custody for seven days for taking part in anti-regime protest. Mirza’s brother Fadhl Allah Abbas is already in jail. On 5th July Jassim Musa was summoned to the torture centre where he was detained.

A young native Bahraini prisoner is losing his sight while Alkhalifa dictators have ignored his plight. Mahmood Abdulla, 19, has suffered severe pain in his eyes for the past five months and his eyesight was rapidly fading. Every time he had family visit his mother would comfort him. But in the last family visit he said only one sentence. I cannot touch because I cannot see you. He has now lost his sight completely.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
8th July 2015