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Removal of bodies from the Samuni family compound, a-Zeitun, Gaza City. Photo: Muhammad Sabah, B'Tselem.


Change in military investigation policy welcome 

B'Tselem and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) welcome the Israeli military’s announced change of the policy of investigations, made today (6 April) in an updated statement to the High Court of Justice in a petition filed by the two organizations. At the same time, the organizations stress that the change of policy as presented by the Judge Advocate General (JAG) is insufficient to uphold Israel’s obligations regarding accountability and the protection of the right to life. 

B'Tselem's op-ed in the Washington Post 

In an opinion piece, Jessica Montell concludes that “It is vital that we move beyond the slogans and soundbites around Goldstone. Instead, we must honestly discuss how to ensure genuine accountability for past wrongs, full respect for international humanitarian law and protection for civilians in any future military operations.”

Responding to Goldstone 

B'Tselem responds to an op-ed published by Richard Goldstone regarding the Goldstone Report into Operation Cast Lead. While Goldstone retracts the allegation that Israel intentionally targeted civilians, grave questions remain regarding others aspects of Israel's conduct.

B'Tselem Announces Formation of Public Council 

B'Tselem announced on Sunday (27 March) the inauguration of its first public council, comprised of 34 leading Israeli academic, cultural and social figures who chose, at this especially important juncture to openly declare their support for human rights.

B'Tselem strongly condemns attack in Jerusalem 

B'Tselen strongly condemns the attack today (23 March) near Jerusalem's central bus station, in which a woman was killed and dozens of persons injured, some of them severely. As yet, no organization has taken responsibility for the act, which was clearly aimed at harming innocent civilians.

B'Tselem seeks Resource Development Associate 

The position of Resource Development Associate is a mid-level role within the International Relations team charged with building and maintaining relationships with foundations and other donors through proposal-writing, reporting and meeting with donors.

Stop mortar fire at populated areas in Gaza 

On 22 March '11, Israeli mortar fire killed four Palestinian civilians east of Gaza City. Despite promises following Operation Cast Lead, it seems the military has not made the changes necessary to prevent harm to civilians from this imprecise weapon.

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