‘Shimon Peres: murderer, liar and hypocrite’.


Shimon Peres: murderer, liar and hypocrite

Di Khalid Amayreh in Ramallah

September 7, 2008

Once again, we are affronted by another despicable statement by 
Shimon Peres, the deceitful elderly Israeli president who has spent a 
lifetime serving the evil Zionist enterprise.

In a statement in Rome on Friday, 5 September, Peres called for 
barring Hamas from taking part in any future elections in occupied 
Palestine until the group terminated all forms of resistance to the 
Nazi-like Israeli occupation.

Peres utterly ignored the lingering reign of murder and terror 
inflicted for too long on the helpless and virtually unprotected 
Palestinians by a morally callous state that thinks that the events 
which took place in Europe more than six decades ago justify the 
genocidal ethnic cleansing being meted out to Zionism’s victims.

Peres, who apparently would have us believe that Israel is the oasis 
of justice and freedom in the Middle East, also accused the 
Palestinian Islamic movement of "intolerance" and of indulging in 
"religious and military terror" which he said was incompatible with 
democratic values.

Credited for the introduction of nuclear weapons to the Middle East 
via the "French connection," Peres charged that Hamas was impeding 
peace between Israel and the American-backed Palestinian Authority 
(PA), suggesting that Hamas’s "extremism" was the main reason behind 
PA reluctance to sign a formal peace treaty with Israel.

Peres overlooked the fact that Israel had more than 20 years without 
Hamas (1967-1987) and another 19 years during which Hamas was more or 
less weak or neutralized (1987-2006), but instead of making peace 
with the Palestinian leadership, namely the PLO, the Zionist state 
was busy building Jewish-only settlements and Jewish-only roads on a 
land that belongs to another people.

Peres’s remarks are indeed beyond chutzpah. After all, the man 
himself is a despicable murderer with a lot of innocent blood on his 
dirty hands. He is also a pathological liar and unredeemed hypocrite.

The fact that respect is accorded to him in many capitals doesn’t 
really make him a lesser criminal.

Indeed, for Peres to invoke the ideals of human rights and democracy 
against Israel’s tormented victims, the Palestinians, is very much 
like having the likes of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin lecturing 
their own victims on the sanctity of human life.

After all, there is no difference of moral substance between the 
nefarious Israeli treatment of the Palestinians, as is the case in 
the Gaza Strip, and the Nazi behavior during the Second World War.

Actually, the main difference lies not in the quality of the evil 
committed but rather in its sheer size.

Let us not be duped and deceived by this lying old man who knows well 
deep in his heart that were it not for the inherently unjust 
international system, he and other Israeli leaders would be shipped, 
like drugged wild animals, to the International Court of Justice in 
the Hague to stand trial for their diabolic acts of murder and terror.

Peres and nearly all other Zionist leaders since Ben Gurion have 
always been despicable murderers and liars. They still are.

Peres himself is a mass murderer par excellance. In 1996, during his 
brief stint as Prime Minister following the assassination of Yitzhak 
Rabin, he ordered the Israeli army to bomb the UNIFIL headquarters at 
the village of Qana in Southern Lebanon.

And while the resulting pornographic massacre shocked the conscience 
of the world, Peres and his colleagues were busy deflecting blame and 
concocting excuses. Interestingly, Peres has never apologized for the 
horrendous crime, nor has Israel ever thought of compensating the 
families of the victims. The phrase "mea kulpa" apparently doesn’t 
exist in the Zionist lexicon.

As to Peres’ morbid call for barring Hamas from participating in 
future Palestinian elections, the Israeli president must know that 
without Hamas there can be no elections in the occupied territories.

Indeed, what type of elections would Palestinians have in the West 
Bank and Gaza Strip if only Israel’s and America’s agents are allowed 
to participate?

Or perhaps the hero of Qana thinks that Palestinian democracy should 
not go beyond enabling the "masses" to select a Palestinian Judenrat 
that would torment the Palestinian people on Israel’s behalf as the 
Ramallah-based regime is already doing.

Besides, its is crystal clear that Peres is being scandalously 
inconsistent as to whether "anti-democratic" groups ought to be 
allowed to take part in elections.

He should be reminded, in case he has forgotten, that several Israeli 
political factions and parties contending elections happen to be full-
fledged terrorist groups that openly call for the expulsion, 
enslavement or extermination of non-Jews in Palestine-Israel. So why 
aren’t these groups barred from participating in the Israeli elections?

How about the manifestly fascist MIFDAl (the National Religious 
Party) which openly calls for deporting all Palestinians to Jordan 
and other Arab states? How about the National Union, the quasi-Nazi 
party whose leaders advocate disenfranchising non-Jews and carpet-
bombing Palestinian population centers? How about Mikhail Kleiner’s 
party which considers Jordan "the eastern part of Israel." How about 
Israeli Knesset members, like Aryeh Eldad, who openly claim that non-
Jews are not really fully human beings? How about these numerous 
rabbis from Merkaz Harav (the Talmudic College in Jerusalem) who 
teach their students that in time of war, non-Jewish children and 
civilians may be slaughtered en mass?

And how about arch-terrorists like Baruch Marzel and his cohorts? Why 
does Israel, which claims to be the only true democracy in the Middle 
East, allow these thugs to participate in elections?

Besides, doesn’t Peres realize that his own party, Kadima, is 
comprised of real terrorists and war criminals, people who in any 
other country that respects itself would be thrown behind bars?

I challenge Peres to tell us the name of an Israeli prime minister, 
or foreign minister or defense minister who is not a war criminal?

Let us, for example, consider the last three Israeli Premiers, Ehud 
Olmert, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Barak.

The first ordered the Israeli air force to drop 3 million cluster 
bomblets on Southern Lebanon. For those who don’t know, three million 
bombs are sufficient to kill and maim three million children. In 
Gaza, Olmert ordered his army to murder innocent Palestinian 
civilians in the thousands and starve hundreds of thousands of 
innocent people on the ground that they had elected a political party 
that Israel didn’t like.

And Sharon? Well, we are all aware of the dark legacy of that vile 
certified war criminal.

And Barak, the notorious child killer who with his own hands 
assassinated Palestinian writers and intellectuals in Beirut and who 
ordered his troops to open fire on unarmed Palestinian protesters. 
This is the man who had to appeal to the most primitive sadistic 
instincts of the Israeli public in order to be popular and get elected.

In truth, Israel itself is a crime against humanity and its leaders 
are vile war criminals. As such, they are utterly unfit to speak 
about human rights and democratic values.

Fonte: www.palestine-info.co.u

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