Con i palestinesi che uccidono i palestinesi, chi ha bisogno degli israeliani?


With Palestinians killing Palestinians, who needs the Israelis?
James Brownsell, 01 October 2006

"The spilling of Palestinian blood is forbidden", read the statement made jointly by seven Palestinian factions this afternoon, yet tonight, nine bodies lie in the mortuary as a result, not of Israeli aggression, but of inter-Palestinian fighting, which threatens to plunge the occupied Palestinian territories into chaos.

Showing the world how Palestinian political life is reasonable, progressive and democratic is the way to lift the international economic siege that the Hamas government finds itself under.

Acting in the way that Executive Force members and security service personnel performed today in Gaza, serves only to confirm the racist stereotype held globally by those in power, that is, that Palestinians are bloodthirsty savages who only want to shoot and kill in the pursuit of authority.

To those that engage in inter-Palestinian fighting, I ask you this: Have you forgotten you are living under occupation? There are bigger fights which need fighting.

No-one will get their salaries while the international community think you are savages.

The only authority in the Palestinian territories is the authority to do the bidding of the occupation, to administer the civilian population on behalf of the Israelis, to do their dirty work for them, and to pay for it at the same time. And that’s not worth fighting over.

With the Israelis massing troops on the Gaza borders, looking for an excuse and an opportunity to launch a full scale invasion. With 226 Palestinians dead from the IDF "Summer Rain". With hungry children fearing the indiscriminate bombardment of civilian areas every night. Now is not the time to lose self-control.

Now is not the time to squabble over the scraps from Israel’s table. Now is the time to unite, to present to Israel and the world a clear, cohesive, integrated front. An authoritative presence which can control, which can restrain, which can govern itself is the first thing needed in presenting the Palestinian cause to the world. How can anyone expect to overthrow any occupation if those people subject to occupation are too busy fighting amongst themselves?

If a "government of national unity" is to mean anything, it must stem from a genuine consensus of Palestinian civil and political society. It must truly embrace the values of fraternity and peace, which means that we all must embrace those values of fraternity and peace. This is the moment in history when Palestinian leaders will become either statesmen or warlords.

Speaking personally, I am not often an advocate of governmental-imposed law and order. I personally believe that once you learn to govern yourself, there is very limited need for a government. But respect for the rule of law forms part of a higher truth which encompasses the sanctity of humanity. Put simply, it is how we live in society. Palestinians cannot afford to let Gaza slip, with the West Bank following closely, into a realm of living plagued by mercenaries, gang violence and thuggery.

We all must recognize the common humanity in each other, the very sovereignty of ourselves, and only then will any of us be able to face our oppressors and the international community with a legitimate right for self determination and the struggle for freedom.

Ali Jaras
Muhammad Tawfiq Ad-Diri
Hasan Abu-Al Hatal
Muhammad Abu Muhsin
Rafiq Siyam
Muhammad Kamal Al-Afghani
Ramadan Muhammad Ramadan
Ashraf Abu Dalal
Muhammad Abu Shammalah

Will these people have died in vain? If Palestinian society descends into the nightmare realm I have mentioned, then yes, their deaths will be worthless. If Palestinian society uses this opportunity to unite, and to take pride in that unity, then no force in the world can stop you, and maybe then, those that died today can truly be called martyrs.

James Brownsell is an independent writer and DJ currently living in occupied Bethlehem. He can be contacted at: or through

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