Egyptian security forces clash with Muslim Brotherhood supporters

PressTvDespite the security crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood supporters, thousands of Egyptians marched across the country to protest what they call the coup’s constitution.

Fresh clashes erupted on Friday between security forces and protesters in the capital Cairo and in the Nile delta city of Damietta. Security forces fired tear gas and rubber pellets to disperse protesters who gathered to call for an immediate end to military rule and to denounce the post-coup constitution. Protesters chanted slogans against the ministry of interior as they also called for the trial of General Abdul Fatah el Sisi, the country’s de facto ruler for all the atrocities committed since the army toppled Mohamed Morsi on July 3rd. Mohamed Morsi and 35 Muslim Brotherhood members will be tried for alleged collaboration with foreign organizations to commit terrorist acts and revealing defense secrets. Some deadly clashes were reported in the North of Sinai. Thousands of people have been killed and jailed since the coup, most of them supporters of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. The crackdown has recently widened to include liberal activists and other critics of the military installed government, a sign which many say is ‘a return of the police state’ in Egypt.