Yemeni protesters want ‘new govt. to rescue nation’

PressTvThousands of Yemeni demonstrators stormed the streets of the Yemeni capital after Friday prayers demanding the downfall of the current government, and the formation of a new transitional government to rescue the nation from the current political crisis.

Their argument is the current government has failed to provide the nation their basic needs, such as fuel, electricity and security. In past months the government has been dealing with a security meltdown which has resulted in numerous targeted assassinations of government officials and persistent attacks on military posts and public installations. The protesters say the main task of the new transitional government should be to lead the country out of the current political deadlock following over a year of political and security meltdown. The current Yemeni government was formed in late 2011 after a deal was signed in Saudi Arabia between former ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh and Yemen’s opposition coalition. According to the 2011 peace initiative deal signed in Ryadh, presidential elections are to take place in 2014 after the drafting of a new Yemeni constitution and the formation of a new Yemeni government.