Il Palestinian Media Coalition condanna il ‘giornalismo di parte’.

Maan News 27 luglio
Gaza – Ma’an – The Palestinian Media Coalition (PMC) criticized the involvement of Palestinian media in the Hamas-Fatah rivalry on Sunday, and directly condemned the factional coverage of Friday’s explosions in Gaza City which left six Gazans dead.

The coalition said in a statement, "we condemn the crime against Palestinian activists; we demand that media outlets be tool for construction rather than destruction." The statement explained that "any news report or declaration here or there by a radio station or a satellite TV could arouse more disputes," and urged caution.

Consequently, PMC demanded that media outlets report the truth as it is and avoid siding with one party against the other. The statement also called for the release of Sawwah Abu Seif, a photojournalist of the German News Agency who was arrested while covering the de facto government’s campaign against Fatah members after Friday’s explosions.

PMC also demanded the release of ‘Alaa At-Titi, correspondent for the Hamas-affiliated Al-Aqsa TV from Hebron in the southern West Bank, as well as Mustafa Sabri from Qalqilia in the northern West Bank. Both journalists were arrested by the Palestinian Authority’s security services in the West Bank on Sunday morning.

The coalition also issued a call to Palestinian newspapers, news agencies and electronic websites to work professionally and avoid any kind of involvement in fueling factional feuds. Media should play a role in unification, not disagreement, the statement concluded.

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