Title: Israel launches «arrows» to install the «security zone buffer» depth of 300 meters along the east Gaza border
Palestinians said that Israeli occupation forces recently began to fire arrows, topped by the words written on it «forbidden to approach – Death Dangerous» in the areas along the border with the Gaza Strip,east of Khan Yunis in the southern sector.

Witnesses indicated that the Israeli occupation forces fired arrows one after the other. They pointed out that it falls in areas close to the homes of citizens and about 300 meters from the eastern border

It seems that this step comes in the context of precautionary install «the security zone buffer», which Israel wants to set up a depth of 300 meters along the eastern border of the Strip which is about 45 kilometers.

In the meanwhile the Israeli military bulldozers has swept away all the agricultural lands, trees and plants from these areas during the past few years, sometimes to a depth of two kilometers, and turned it into a barren and arid areas, the campus of thousands of farmers from the exploitation of their lands.

The occupation forces have resorted to this method of warning the innovative instead of the shooting, which may resort to in case of non-compliance of farmers and their entry into the buffer region.
The Israeli warplanes dropped leaflets about a month ago on the border areas, warns citizens not to come to a distance of 300 meters from the wall-mail.

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