Come l’assedio sta uccidendo un bambino di 8 anni.

Video: How Israel’s blockade is killing one Gaza boy
Russia Today
November 17, 2008
Israel’s latest blockade against Gaza, imposed more than a week ago in retaliation for rocket attacks by Palestinian militants, is causing great suffering among ordinary people. For some it has become a struggle for life itself.

About half of Gaza’s 1.5 million residents lost power a week ago after Israel stopped the flow of fuel to the territory.

For many, the blackouts are a great inconvenience. But for one paralysed Palestinian boy, the fuel shortage poses a deadly threat.

Eight-year-old Makher Al-Asli is completely dependent on an artificial respirator. His one is powered by a diesel generator.

Makher’s family members spend days on fuel-finding missions, just to keep Makher alive.

“Tomorrow we’ll have to visit all petrol stations to find a couple of gallons of diesel,” Makher’s father says.

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