La popolarità di Hamas è in crescita.

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Hamas’ popularity on the rise despite biting embargo
Sep 17, 2006, 08:50

Gaza – Proving that it still enjoys the confidence of the majority of the Palestinian people despite the severe financial embargo imposed on the Palestinian people as a mass punishment for democratically electing Hamas to rule them; Hamas won more syndicate elections in the PA-run lands.

After overwhelmingly winning the Palestinian accountants and auditors’ syndicate and the paramedics’ syndicate a couple of weeks ago, Hamas firmly fixed its feet in the Palestinian street as it won almost one-half (47.7%) of the pharmacists syndicates in face of the coalition of the rest of the Palestinian factions that won 52.3% of the eligible voters’ votes.

The result reflects the strong popularity that Hamas enjoys amongst the Palestinian people in spite of the tremendous internal and external pressures on it.

Hamas contested the elections for the first time ever under the banner of the "Palestinian pharmacist bloc", and the fact that it reaped that much of the votes made it a very interesting result.

The Movement issued a statement on this occasion, congratulating the bloc for the good job done, adding that outcome of the elections proves that Hamas’ political program based on resistance is still enjoying the support of more than a half of the Palestinian people, and that the western siege against the PA government failed in weakening that support.

In the accountants and auditors syndicate that is one of the most crucial syndicates in Palestine; Hamas reaped 85% of the votes, leaving Fatah lagging behind with 15% only.

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